Our posters with world maps are 3 posters put together to give you a picture wall. You can get a poster with world map in many colors to match the style and design of your home. World map posters are developed in a stylish Nordic design with calm colors, and are designed to match the designer style in a living room, bedroom, office, children's room or entrance hall. The goal has been to find a poster with a world map with both dark, bright, feminine and masculine shades. You can buy the poster with the world map in this webshop, where the card contains 3 posters. You can purchase the world map poster in several sizes, and the poster can be combined with appropriate frames in different colors and materials. A poster with a world map is timeless and you get a glimpse of the world that often gives rise to a reflection of the world in which we live. The World Map as a poster can also be purchased as a good gift idea for a person you care about. The poster is manufactured in the best quality where colors and shades of the different parts of the card are clearly visible. With us, you can also combine the world map with other posters, from, for example, our emotion series, which gives an excellent backing to the world map poster. If you have any doubts about the size of the world's card, please try our size guide, which shows the relative size of the poster.

Posters with world map multiple colors

By putting 3 posters together into a world map, you get the opportunity to create an even wide picture wall that suits a sofa or kitchen table. Our world map poster is unique and designed exclusively for this webshop, where you can purchase this poster online, after which it will be printed and sent directly to the specified shipping address. The posters you find on this website can not be bought in some stores, but can only be ordered online. A world map poster is available in 7 color variants, where the colors are composed for the perfect match. The World Map poster is only available in large sizes as it is designed to give a large poster image. There are many posters with world maps, but our poster can be used in many ways, as you can see examples by looking under our inspiration section, which you find at the top of the webshop. You can combine the world map poster with our city posters, which makes sense that you are local and global in the world. Do you see yourself as a world citizen? Then a poster with a world map will certainly fit perfectly in your home. Or have you traveled a lot around the world, a world map poster can be a daily reminder of all the wonderful trips you might have had. The world map can be hung directly on your wall in a poster frame or poster. Poster frames and poster lists can be found in wood or metal in different colors. It's important that you choose a poster frame for your world map poster that highlights posters and gives it the expression in your living room as it deserves.